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Rising Above the Beauty of Life

I know in my heart that no matter what a person faces in life, with God's healing love, a person can overcome. I write with the knowledge that the Strength of the "Warrior Spirit" inside of us is stronger than any adversity. The purpose of my writing is to reach out, to all people, so I can inspire and provide health, healing and spirituality... My healing words can touch deep inside, to the fibers of the soul. I want others to know if they keep believing, even when it is difficult, they will rise above. I will continue to write of God's healing love, hope, courage, and the beauty of nature: reaching out with my words to suffering souls, so they may find the power to heal... to become all they were meant to be.

Beautiful Warrior Prose and Poetry

If I had only one message to convey to my readers, it is compassion. Please share in the compassion my heart wants to express for the suffering during Carolyn's illness. Let's open our minds and hearts, not with judgments when we don't understand, but with kindness and love. We can be a "Heart Mender" for each other. Beautiful Warrior Poetry & Prose is a book consisting of poetry and prose about different aspects of my life. It shows that we all have similarities and differences, but most of all it shows beauty and insight into the Warrior Spirit that the author believes is in all of us - Did you see her?... Take the time to find her... Did you see her? That beautiful warrior of light. Who has eyes that blaze like amethysts... The light from them has burned through the darkness. She can see a new horizon.

A New Perspective

A beacon of light for others, this I pray I can continue to be… we need to show compassion – our world needs it now more than ever. In this chapbook, are my favorite writings which I wrote in the past three years. I pray that the messages will reach your heart and soul to help your mind look at life a little clearer and a little kinder. Most of all, I wish you joy, peace and love… A New Perspective.