Poem © Dolores M. Miller

The Beautiful Warrior

You, you precious child,
have dealt with
so much of the pain.
The horror was
horrible then.
Sweet child it was never you!

The war has been over for a long time.
I am showing you the beauty of your life now . . .
You can trust and believe again.

You are stronger,
a true survivor,
“Treasures out of the darkness”,
is what the bible says.
You are like a beautiful warrior.



I Believe in Your Compassion

There is a sadness – I am crying. There are children who go through abuse everyday, and there are children who die.  

BUT, crying will not bring change, Standing up with my courage and resources to do my part all I can… To make a change for a better world. that is the answer I am not afraid, to ask you to join me.

Have A Heart, Do Your Part, big or small - Help make a brighter future for children Let them know that you care. I Believe in Your Compassion     ©2008 By Dolores M. Miller