Survivor, Poet, Author, Inspirational Speaker and Child Advocate

When I think of our special friendship – a friendship of three children growing up in Pennsylvania in the 1950’s, it fills my heart with joy. I want everyone to know of our special bond which still continues to this day and I want to share the lessons we learned through our relationship. We didn’t know it then, but that starlight time helped us to see the beauty of life, and use those years as beautiful stepping stones to help us overcome future adversities. Follow the sixty-year journey and see there are always possibilities for hope and a brighter future.

Dolores M. Miller is a poet and author living in Pennsylvania. Dolores is a survivor of childhood sexual abuse and has been actively involved with organizations who protect children.

Proceeds from the books and Donate button are donated to The Support Center for Child Advocates Please contact them to see how you can get involved!

The Beginning

"What doesn't kill me makes me stronger." I have come through it all - as a survivor of childhood abuse, I know and understand the obstacles faced by children who are currently suffering through abuse and neglect. I was adopted by a young couple and was embraced with love, welcomed into the family and enjoyed a nice childhood. I have so many people who care about and love me. I write to thank all of those people who really helped me, to see that they have made a difference!


I learned a lot over the years and there were times when I felt like my life was over. Now, I look at each day as a blessing and a chance to help others, especially children. My passion drove me to publish two books of my work. By purchasing my books you are helping a child to avoid many years of pain. Your support is saving them from years of working through obstacles that test one's will and determination.

My Mission

In my writing I strive to convey the message of the human spirit to overcome adversity, see the beauty of nature and know God’s healing love. As you read my books you will experience the journey and share in the transformation from pain to peace.

Net proceeds from the sale of the books is donated to The Support Center for Child Advocates of Philadelphia. Please visit their website for more information.